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What’s the problem?

Often research groups have problems keeping track of reagents, plasmids and chemical compounds. Over time, as members of the team leave and new people join, knowledge is lost about what materials exist, which projects they belong to, their physical location, and supplier and catalogue details. Lack of systematic record keeping inevitably leads to duplication of effort, wasting time, money and space. It also raises the very real risk that recorded experiments will be unreproducible if materials are not exactly what they are assumed to be.

We aim to make managing of experimental inventory and consumables simple, secure and highly searchable.

Take a look at how some of our users are benefiting from InventoryReg

If you have an issue in managing either assay data or chemical data (or both) as part of your lab inventory, have a look at ChemiReg, our chemical registration system

What is ChemBio Hub InventoryReg?

InventoryReg allows groups to manage and search their chemical inventory data securely. A simple upload function allows users to import details in a variety of standard formats. Each item is then given a unique identifier, validated and recorded. Built in security and configuration features mean you define who has access to your project to create, view and update the inventory information, as well as what information is needed as a minimum for each item. The ChemBio Hub team can provide curation support to ensure data is recorded consistently. The web-based system provides access from any device, giving flexible access to information about materials in your lab.

A sophisticated search function means you can be confident of getting back all relevant information about the material you are looking for – whether compound, antibody, plasmid or peptide.

Want to see InventoryReg in action?

If you have a University of Oxford Webauth login, you can try the system here:

If you are a developer, you can pull down the code to customise and run your own instance of InventoryReg. The code is Open Source and available on GitHub through ShowYourWorking here.

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Easily sort and filter your search hits before export

Easily sort and filter your search hits before export

Intelligent searching and autocompletes for your metadata

Intelligent searching and autocompletes for your metadata

Organise your data with pre-configured, per-project data fields

Organise your data with pre-configured, per-project data fields

Support for ChemBio Hub is currently minimal. You may find what you are looking for on the project wiki or in the user documentation. If you need to get in touch, please email, although a response may take several days.