Case Studies

ChemBio Hub is being used right now to improve the research of scientists across the University of Oxford. Here are a few success stories...

Robert Mifflin
Mortuary Supervisor at Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

A service within the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG) was in need of a centralised database to catalogue samples. This system needed to be accessible to researchers who require the data for lesson planning. Their current system did not allow images of the sample to be uploaded and it was difficult to update and navigate through the data that was there. By uploading their data and attaching their image files into InventoryReg, we have demonstrated that it is now possible to quickly access and view teaching samples. It is also possible to search information intelligently by sorting based on date added, location, sample type and so on. For those searching through chemical projects it is possible to use substructure searches to find compounds and even combine this with additional text based searching. Since trialing our system, this DPAG service has demonstrated increased accessibility of its teaching resources.

“The ChemBio Hub platform allows us to catalogue and maintain our samples from any computer. The ability for us to manage user permissions ensures we can easily give access to researchers who want to use our resources, whilst ensuring the security of our data”

Professor James McCullagh
Head of the Mass Spectrometry Research Facility at Department of Chemistry

A service facility within the Chemistry Department had an extensive library of compounds that they needed to locate manually when required. By uploading their chemical data into the ChemBio Hub system, they can now search for a chemical via text or substructure search. This improves their laboratory productivity and saves money by allowing them to check what they have in stock.

“The ChemBio Hub platform has proven to be an effective way to manage our compound inventory. Thanks to its high flexibility, we are also testing its ability to digitise our facilities sample submission process”

Dr Hidenori Someya
Postdoctoral Researcher at Department of Chemistry

A large group with more than 50 laboratory members based in the University of Oxford Chemistry Department had been looking for a new chemical registration tool to replace their previous database. A barrier to adopting a more modern system had been the time and effort required to manually transfer the 2400 compounds from one system to another. Using the ChemBio Hub .SDF file upload feature it was possible to register all existing compounds quickly and easily.

“Since adopting the ChemBio Hub I have found it much easier to find chemicals in our inventory that would have been previously difficult to discover. This helps me to be more productive in my working day”

Professor Darren Dixon
SBM CDT director at Department of Chemistry

A recently established Chemistry Doctoral Training Programme (CDT) takes a cohort of 30 students every year. These students participate in two laboratory placements across the University per year, each synthesising unique compounds in separate laboratories. The programme required a data management system that ensured all compound structures and their corresponding data were securely stored and tractable, so that at any point they might be searched and retrieved. All students are funded by external industrial partners who demand a high level of data security and require access to the students’ data. By adopting the ChemiReg platform the CDT coordinators are able to securely manage and collate their student data within the same project, despite them being placed in different laboratories. They have also invited their external collaborators to the project, providing them with access to the data they need.

“The ChemBio Hub has been effective in helping the CDT to manage and organise the compounds they make. This will make tracking progress and communicating with sponsors much easier in the future”

Professor Renier van der Hoorn
Associate Professor Plant Sciences at Department of Plant Sciences

Plant Sciences is one of seven departments across the University of Oxford which have created projects organizing data ranging from plasmids and antibodies to generic ordering and experimental results. This highlights both the flexibility of the system and the ease with which it can manipulate data in multiple formats. For example, one Plant Science Department research group has created 7 projects to organise the various inventories they maintain, ranging from plasmids and mutant seed lines to compounds and antibodies.

“The ChemBio Hub system allows us to quickly upload and manage numerous inventories. Having easy access to this data in the laboratory will make my group’s lives easier and more productive”

Ms Marta Jagielowicz
Laboratory Manager at Nuffield Department of Medicine

"The ChemBio Hub lets me manage multiple inventories. This means whenever I need to look for something I can find it all in the same place"

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