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Some thoughts from Open Con 2014: discovery tools

posted 09 Dec 2014 by Michael O'Hagan

ChemBio Hub aims to make life easier for chemical biologists at Oxford. We’ve already designed ChemBio Crunch a new app to speed up assay data processing. But sometimes we find out about cool tools that are out there already for people to use for free and we just need to recommend them! We don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

One thing I heard about at OpenCon is Sparrho. These guys realised that linear keyword searching doesn’t always turn up all the results you need from a scientific literature search. You have to make non-linear connections too. And that’s how it works – Sparrho asks users to rate its search results as relevant to their interests or not. These choices, aggregated and anonymised, allow Sparrho to build a bird’s-eye view of different research disciplines. It then uses this to recommend useful results beyond the confines of the search keywords. Clever stuff – try it out for yourself!

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